ISO Lead Auditor Training

ISO lead audit training

About Our ISO Auditor Training Courses

There are numerous levels and phases of ISO auditor training. Thanks to our considerable auditing knowledge in the field of ISO, IAS can handle all sorts of ISO auditor training, including ISO Lead Auditor Training and ISO Internal Auditor Training. IAS offers a variety of ISO training courses to meet our customers’ requirements. ISO auditing courses are useful because they enable organizations to prepare for ISO certification. ISO lead auditor courses are the most advanced level ISO training courses IAS has to offer.

ISO Lead Auditor Courses

IAS, in collaboration with our sister organization, Empowering Assurance Systems (EAS), provides ISO Lead Auditor Courses with real-time auditors as faculty. Our experienced trainers guide you through the entire audit procedure through these ISO auditing courses. This ISO auditor training course is a voluntary certification course designed for professionals or persons with sufficient experience who want to be certified as Lead Auditors.

Attendees of ISO auditor training will obtain a deeper understanding of the requirements of international standards. Participants enrolled in ISO lead auditing courses will learn how to conduct an internal audit, a supplier audit, and a third-party audit. As a globally recognized IRCA certified Lead Auditor, business professionals who complete this ISO auditor training will be authorized to conduct external third-party audits.

IAS offers IRCA-certified ISO Lead Auditor courses on a wide range of ISO standards, including:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – QMS
  • ISO 14001:2015 – EMS
  • ISO 45001:2018 – OHSMS
  • ISO 22000:2018 – FSMS
  • ISO 27001:2022 – ISMS
  • ISO 22301:2019 – BCMS

Mode of Delivery for ISO Auditor Training

IAS offers a 5-day, 40-hour Virtual In-House Training Program for this ISO auditor training course through Zoom Meeting. Our IRCA Coordinators will guide you through a hands-on virtual experience that includes interactive talks, role play, and real-life case studies to explore. The ISO lead auditor courses will be completed after you pass the IRCA exam on the fifth day, and you will obtain ISO Lead Auditor Certification.

Who Can Apply for ISO Lead Auditor Courses?

The IRCA accredited ISO Lead Auditor Training Courses are for corporate professionals who wish to further their careers by performing internal and third-party audits. Third-party certification bodies and corporate companies may hire individuals who have completed this ISO auditor training course as lead auditors to assure compliance with international standards. Applicants should have past expertise with the PDCA Cycle and a basic understanding of quality management systems before attending ISO auditor training. Candidates who do not have prior knowledge of ISO standards are encouraged to attend ISO Internal Auditor training prior to attending ISO Lead Auditor training courses.

ISO Internal Auditor Training

Process owners and managers receive this form of ISO auditor training so that they can perform ISO audits as planned and documented in the relevant areas of operation. Internal audits are required in order for a company to pass third-party certification audits. Internal auditors must be familiar with both the internal control structure and the ISO standards. As a result, firms must complete this ISO auditor training course in order to completely know what they are auditing. Internal auditors are in charge of ensuring that businesses’ actions are compliant with ISO’s International Standards.

Who Can Apply for ISO Internal Auditor Courses?

This ISO auditor training course is for anyone interested in learning about internal auditing, audit procedures, methodological aspects of ISO standards, and the principles that govern them. These ISO auditing courses cover all you need to know to become a certified Internal Auditor-ISO. Participants who successfully complete ISO auditing courses will be able to conduct audits within their organizations.

Learning Objectives for ISO Auditor Training

Participants who attend ISO auditor training will gain knowledge in the following:

  • ISO standards and principles
  • ISO administration framework review
  • Audit planning, implementing and reviewing
  • Design, direct, report and follow up on ISO standard review as per ISO standard criteria.

Online ISO Training Courses

IAS now offers ISO training courses online. These ISO auditing courses are beneficial to candidates who do not have the time or availability to attend a live, classroom-based workshop. ISO training courses online are convenient and less time-consuming. You will be able to obtain ISO training certification at the comfort of your own home or office. ISO auditor training is offered through 2 methods online:

  • Virtual Classroom – This method of ISO auditor training is conducted through Zoom meetings. One of our qualified tutors will guide you through the ISO auditing courses virtually. Participants will have access to screen sharing, interactive discussions, live tutoring, chat rooms, and online projects through this ISO training course. Students will take an online examination upon completion of the online workshop to receive ISO auditor training certification.
  • Self-Learning – This form of ISO auditor training is completely self-paced. Participants of these ISO training courses will have access to a self-learning portal for 30 days. You will complete learning modules on your own through the portal. Upon completion of ISO auditor training, you will have the opportunity to take an exam to receive ISO auditor training certification.

ISO Auditor Training Fees

The cost of ISO auditor training varies depending on the type of course and delivery method you choose. Among all ISO certification bodies in the UK, IAS offers the best costs for ISO auditor training courses. Please contact us for a consultation to learn more about the cost of ISO auditor training.

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