ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training


ISO 14001:2015 (EMS) Lead Auditor Training

IAS offers ISO 14001 lead auditor training in the United Kingdom with professional experts who are real-time auditors to boost delegates’ existing knowledge and skills to perform a full audit of an Environmental Management System (EMS). Our ISO 14001 courses are designed to promote the delegates’ capability to conduct and manage an ISO 14001 audit confidently at any organization. ISO 14001 courses enable individuals to understand the requirements for an effective EMS.

Course Overview

ISO 14001 lead auditor training course is a great opportunity for anyone in the UK to develop auditing knowledge and skills in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 19011.

This IRCA approved ISO 14001 lead auditor training enables delegates to plan, conduct and manage a first, second, and third-party environmental management system audit based on ISO 14001. It also helps delegates understand the latest auditing methods and techniques.

Moreover, this type of ISO 14001 training helps delegates meet the requirements of an ISO 14001 lead auditor and to become a successful IRCA certified QMS lead auditor.

ISO 14001 Training through IAS

At IAS, we offer the best audit ISO 14001 training practices and conduct programs for professionals and many organizations (in-house training programs) effectively in the United Kingdom. IAS offers ISO 14001 Lead Auditor training courses accredited by CQI-IRCA. We also have ISO 14001 training expertise and auditors with vast experience and knowledge to guide you into ISO management standards. Our ISO 14001 courses are specialized to help you further your career in ISO management systems. These ISO 14001 courses are tailored to fit an individual’s requirements.


Prior to attending ISO 14001 courses, delegates should have basic knowledge of:

  • Environmental management system principles and importance
  • Basic ISO 14001 requirements
  • Knowledge of the PDCA Cycle

Who Should Attend ISO 14001 Courses?

  • Quality managers
  • ISO 14001:2015 Internal auditors
  • EMS consultants
  • Management representatives
  • Any professionals who wish to be part of EMS

Course duration: 5 days – 40 hours – Classroom training

IAS offers Delegates:

  • ISO 14001 training material
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Upon successful completion, you will be awarded an IRCA certified ISO 14001 lead Auditor Certificate

Course Content:

  • Introduction to ISO 14001
  • Requirements of ISO 14001:2015 standard
  • ISO 14001:2015 clauses
  • About environmental management system and its principles
  • Annex XL framework – explanation
  • Process approach (PDCA cycle)
  • Audit definition, types as well as its principles
  • Auditing methods, skills, and interpersonal behaviors of auditors according to ISO 19011 guidelines
  • Audit planning and preparation of a checklist
  • Audit report preparation and also follow-up procedures, etc.

During the ISO 14001 training session, the delegates will undergo group discussion, mock tests, sample audit scenarios, presentations to improve their involvement in the training effectively. The ISO 14001 courses are intended to be interactive and fun for all participants.

Benefits of ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training:

The ISO 14001 lead auditor training helps delegates to:

  • Understand the requirements and clauses of ISO 14001:2015
  • Learn the key principles and practices of EMS auditing
  • Auditing principles and auditor behaviors during audits
  • Learn how to analyze and find gaps in the organization
  • Learn how to raise NCs and implement the corrective actions effectively
  • Prepare and submit audit reports and follow-up activities
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of an ISO 14001 lead auditor


IAS conducts written examinations (duration: 2 hours) to delegates consisting of open-ended questions regarding objectives, definitions, and audit scenarios. A minimum score of 70% is required for the successful completion of this ISO 14001 training course. The course completion certificate will be issued by post at your desired locations or from the IAS training institute.

ISO 14001 Training Online

At IAS, we provide ISO 14001 training online through our e-learning platform. We offer the best and most effective ISO 14001 training online services at your own convenience and pace. Our ISO 14001 training online services give you the opportunity to gain certification in the comfort of your own home or office.

Mode of Delivery for ISO 14001 Training

  • In-House / Classroom Training

Students are educated in a classroom setting during this form of ISO 14001 training. A capable course director guides a class of students through a structured learning environment. Interactive seminars, hands-on activities, and real-life case studies will be included in the ISO 14001 training. ISO 14001 courses can be customized using our In-House ISO 14001 training program, which is available to organizations who want to attend training at their own facilities during set business hours.

  • Virtual Classroom

This form of ISO 14001 training online is designed to be performed from the convenience of one’s own home or workplace. Participants will have access to ISO 14001 training online through Zoom Meeting, which will allow them to participate in live training sessions via video conferencing from anywhere in the world. All courses will be facilitated by a tutor and include interactive learning modules. This type of ISO 14001 training online contains the same course structure as the classroom method.

  • Self-Learning

Candidates who do not have time to attend a full live session may benefit from this form of ISO 14001 training online. Candidates will have access to an ISO 14001 training online self-learning platform with all of the required study resources. By completing a set of learning modules, candidates can complete ISO 14001 training online at their own pace. Candidates will have access to the self-study resources for 30 days before taking a test to earn ISO 14001 training certification. Awareness and Internal Quality Auditor training are two types of ISO 14001 training now available through this type of ISO 14001 training online.

Course Fees for ISO 14001 Training

The cost of ISO 14001 training varies depending on the type of course and how it is delivered. The price paid to IAS for the ISO 14001 Lead Auditor course includes the IRCA accreditation fees, training fees, examination fees, course materials, lunch, and refreshments. The cost also depends on if you take the ISO 14001 training online or in person. For additional information on fees for ISO 14001 training, please download the brochure or contact our training coordinator.

Types of ISO 14001 Courses

ISO 14001 training is available at numerous levels, including:

  • Awareness – ISO 14001 Training (Level 1)

The purpose of this type of ISO 14001 training is to provide managers and other workers of a business with an overview of the ISO 14001 Standard so that they are aware of the process.

  • Internal Quality Auditor – ISO 14001 training (Level 2)

Internal Auditor ISO 14001 training is meant to prepare your workers to provide better service and ensure that the quality system is properly implemented. Internal auditors may also be able to help companies with remedial action planning and corrective/preventive measures to improve their environmental management system.

  • Lead Auditor – ISO 14001 training (Level 3)

The ISO 14001 Lead Auditor training course is the most advanced level of ISO 14001 training offered. These ISO 14001 courses will teach you how to conduct third-party ISO audits in compliance with ISO 14001 guidelines.

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