ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001-2015

What is the ISO 14001 Standard?

ISO 14001 is a well-known international standard that approaches high-level structure to improve an organization’s environmental performance and reduce its impacts effectively. ISO 14001:2015 is in line with ISO 9001. Therefore, achieving ISO 14001 certification can help you integrate your other management systems to carry out operations effectively.

Obtaining ISO 14001 certification allows an organization to analyze, monitor, measure, and reduce the negative impacts on the environment in an effective manner. ISO 14001 certification helps organizations comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements and continually improve their responsibility in the management systems. Additionally, ISO 14001 Certification encourages organizations to achieve their goals, environmental policies as well as their objectives effectively for successful business growth.

Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification for Businesses:

  • Meet environmental statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Reduces wastage by establishing policies to use natural resources
  • Improves the trust and confidence of suppliers, customers, and stakeholders
  • Global recognition in the international market

Who can Apply for ISO 14001 Certification?

Any industry, irrespective of its size or the services it provides, that wants to improve its environmental performance and management systems can benefit from ISO 14001 certification. The following are just some of the many industries that benefit from ISO 14001 certification:

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Oil & Natural Gas Industry
  • Food & Drug Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Mining Industry

Why Choose IAS for ISO 14001 Certification?

Although the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) establishes and publishes the ISO 14001 standards, they do not perform ISO 14001 certification. Therefore, organizations turn to third-party certification bodies to obtain ISO 14001 certification such as IAS. Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is a leading globally recognized ISO 14001 Certification Body, operating in the United Kingdom, which is accredited by Universal Quality Accreditation Services (UQAS). We provide ISO 14001 certification in the UK and also in various countries across the world. Incorporated in 2006, we have two decades of professional experience in auditing and providing ISO 14001 certification and various product and ISO process certifications.

We are independent experts in auditing and the most trusted ISO 14001 certification body in ensuring the conformity and requirements of international management standards. We effectively support our clients to implement the management system for their growth and development.

Procedure to Obtain ISO 14001 Certification through IAS:

  • Initially, make an inquiry regarding ISO 14001 certification on our global website or contact us directly through mail or telephone, based on your country/region.
  • Download and fill the ISO 14001 certification application form, which is available for free on our website.
  • After reviewing the application, IAS will contact you for further ISO 14001 certification procedures.
  • Our auditors will form a customized plan to perform the ISO 14001 certification audit.
  • Our ISO 14001 Certification audit includes 2 major stages:
  1. Evaluation of your organization – Readiness Audit
  2. Verifying objective evidence and conformity to the ISO 14001:2015 standard requirements – Implementation Audit
  • IAS will convey the audit findings, any non-conformities, and any necessary observations found during the audit to your organization.
  • The time duration for effective non-conformity closure is between 30 to 60 days.
  • Verification and validation of non-conformity closure and also follow-up visits will be conducted by our IAS team before issuing ISO 14001 certification.
  • Finally, IAS will issue ISO 14001 certification with a validity of three years.
  • IAS also conducts a surveillance audit every 12 months throughout the ISO 14001 certification validity period.
  • IAS will also conduct a re-certification audit after the validity of the initial ISO 14001 certification.

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