HACCP Certification



HACCP is an acronym for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. HACCP is a system that identifies important points in the manufacturing process where controls can be implemented to avoid or eradicate pathogen contamination, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other microorganisms. Pesticides, food allergies, decomposition, and unfavorable smells or odors are all addressed with HACCP.

Virtual HACCP Certification Training Online

IAS now offers a live, HACCP certification training online that is interactive and taught by a licensed instructor. Prior to the actual HACCP certification course date, participants are given the whole course curriculum and learning materials for self-study. Included are course materials, slides, seminars, sample tests, and teacher support. Zoom video conferencing software is used to deliver the HACCP certification training online.

Course Objectives for HACCP Certification Training Online

During your HACCP certification training online, you will learn

  • The 7 principles of HACCP and why it is important.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to write a hazard analysis and identify control measures for specific hazards.
  • How to generate records that will be used as supporting evidence for your HACCP plan.
  • Steps on how to identify the hazards that arise from manufacturing processes and what control measures will eliminate those hazards.
  • Knowledge, documentation, communication, cleanliness, facilities and equipment, and pest control.
  • How to ensure that your HACCP plan is effective in protecting consumers from food borne illness.

Duration for HACCP Certification Training Online

The HACCP certification course online is completely self-paced. Participants will have access to the online training portal for 30 days. Participants will be awarded HACCP training certification upon successful completion of the exam.

Advantages of HACCP Certification Training Online

IAS provides online HACCP certification courses in the United Kingdom in order to help companies and individuals gain or maintain food safety certifications in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our virtual classroom is available 24/7, so participants can schedule their HACCP certification course around their own schedule. IAS delivers HACCP certification training online without compromising on quality. You receive high-quality HACCP certification training online at a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay for standard in-person training.

Benefits of HACCP Certification Training Online

HACCP certification training online contains all of the benefits of a traditional classroom course, plus the following:

  • Customized attention: You will learn at your own pace to ensure that you can keep up. IAS does not believe in giving assignments to push students through the course faster. Instead, we provide HACCP certification course self-study materials to meet all learning styles and time management needs.
  • A thorough understanding of the HACCP certification course contents: Through our innovative learning system, you can preview all lessons and materials ahead of time to better prepare for your HACCP certification training online.
  • Access anytime, anywhere: Our HACCP certification training online course is taught through a live virtual classroom which means that you can log in and sync up with your instructor and peers from any location
  • Accessible support: Our customer support team is available 24/7 to address all of your questions. We can also provide you with a desk reference which will serve as a quick guide for concepts covered throughout the HACCP certification training online.

Why Choose IAS for HACCP Certification Training Online?

IAS is a global provider of HACCP certification training online. IAS was established in 2002 and has provided quality, cost-effective virtual learning solutions for over 16 years. We have trained more than 85,000 students from 180 countries worldwide to meet specific training requirements on a wide variety of topics using our innovative e-learning system.

IAS is committed to providing learners with a high-quality virtual learning experience. We have been successfully delivering HACCP certification training online for over 10 years and have maintained a very high customer satisfaction rating throughout the years.

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