BRC Certification


About BRC

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a trade group based in the United Kingdom. The BRC food safety standards are well-known for their stringent requirements. They make sure the food is safe and that all food safety regulations are followed properly. The BRC standard is a Food Safety Management System standard that specifies criteria for food producers to follow while producing safe and healthy food. This standard also establishes guidelines for improving food quality and safety at all stages of the food manufacturing process, including production, packaging, storage, and distribution.

What is BRC Certification?

BRC Certification is an impartial auditing scheme that only the most trustworthy manufacturers acquire. Customers can buy safe, healthy food from a supplier that adheres to strict industry standards and procedures thanks to BRC certification. BRC certification is a worldwide recognized food safety and quality certification that enhances consumer satisfaction. BRC certification increases your company’s visibility and allows you to work with a diverse group of companies. Customers, food service firms, and producers may all benefit from BRC accreditation.

Who Can Apply for BRC Certification?

All food companies that develop and package their own goods, ingredients, and raw materials are eligible for BRC certification. BRC certification is also available to food businesses that outsource their product manufacturing to third-party contractors.

BRC certification has been accepted by over 25,000 firms throughout the world. BRC certification is available to manufacturing plants, storage facilities, distribution centers, and foodservice enterprises. Additionally, BRC certification isn’t just for food and associated items. The BRC standard applies to a wide number of sectors, including:

  • Retailing of food and non-food items
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Trade services
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Restaurants and other large catering companies

BRC Certification Procedure Through IAS

IAS efficiently aids organizations and manufacturers in satisfying the requirements necessary for BRC certification, based on more than two decades of professional expertise in auditing and product certification. The IAS BRC accreditation indicates that the product has passed both performance and quality assurance testing. Customers will have more confidence in your product, process, and services if you obtain BRC Certification. The following is the procedure for obtaining BRC certification through IAS:

  1. IAS will send you an application for BRC certification to complete.
  2. Give us a call for a free consultation on the BRC certification procedure for your goods.
  3. Our auditors will look into all possible requirements for the items at hand.
  4. Our auditors will conduct the BRC certification audit and assess the documentation submitted after setting the specific requirements.
  5. The audit report will be issued with effective implementation if there is any variation.
  6. These standards must be met within the IAS timetable by manufacturers and organizations.
  7. Finally, BRC certification will be granted by IAS.

Advantages of BRC Certification for Organizations

BRC Certification helps improve communication between you and your customers. With the BRC certification mark on all of your products, you can establish a long-term relationship with your clients, knowing that the food you prepare is of high quality, safe, and follows all food safety regulations. The following are just a few of the many advantages of BRC certification:

  • Improvements in food safety and quality
  • Ensures that the food is safe to eat
  • Complies with both national and international food safety regulations
  • Enhances the company’s profitability through promoting the company’s reputation
  • Supports the organization’s expansion

BRC certification has become a worldwide recognized benchmark for food industry excellence, and it might be vital in securing high-profile contracts in which every aspect of the business is inspected for consistency.

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