How Much Does CE Certification Cost?

Are you looking into CE certification for your product(s)? Not sure about the total CE certification cost? It’s a perfectly reasonable inquiry. Before you begin the process of obtaining CE certification, it’s a good idea to get a sense of the CE certification costs involved. However, most individuals are unaware of how difficult it is to respond to this question. There are far too many factors to consider to determine the overall CE certification cost. In this blog, we will take a look at the approximate CE certification cost based on a variety of factors.

What is CE Certification?

CE Certification is a must for those companies that produce electrical goods and appliances as it ensures that the products meet standards required by law. In order to be CE certified, a company needs to prove that its product conforms to European directives and regulations. The CE certification cost varies according to what type of product you make and how complicated it is; we’ll look at the approximate CE certification cost below:

Approximate Cost of CE Certification for a Consumer Product

If your company manufactures electrical goods then the total cost of getting each product type certified should be considered. This includes not just the application fees to get your product approved, but also other costs such as testing and travel expenses to carry out inspection. The CE certification cost for a TV is around £1,000, but if the product has additional features such as USB capabilities or HDMI interfaces then this will increase. The CE label requirements for a printer are very different from those which apply to a washing machine. Each electrical good type will have its own unique set of criteria.

Approximate Cost of CE Certification for a Non-Consumer Product

If you manufacture non-consumer products such as gas appliances, heating & cooling equipment, or power tools then the cost of certification varies depending on the product type and its electrical safety risk. You’ll also need to make sure that your production processes meet the necessary safety and quality standards. The CE certification cost for a boiler is around £2,000, but if it has additional features such as USB capabilities or solar cells then this will increase the price.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine CE Certification Cost

Before you can get your product certified, you must ensure that it meets all technical safety requirements – which may require additional investment in research and development. The following points must be clarified to figure out the CE certification cost:

  • Which CE directive(s) apply to the product?
  • What are the product’s standards? And, if so, do these standards qualify as European harmonized standards?
  • Which certification procedure(s) apply to your product?

You can use this information to compare estimates of the CE certification cost from service providers such as test laboratories, certifying bodies, and consultants to guarantee that they will give the same level of service.

Factors Involved in CE Certification Cost

  • Testing & Inspection: This is an important part of the CE certification cost as it ensures that your products meet European safety, health, and environmental requirements. You will need to get your product tested by a Notified Body so that they can issue a Declaration of Conformity. This is a requirement in order for your products to obtain CE certification.
  • Travel Expenses: If your product needs to be tested at a laboratory in Europe, then you will incur a lot of travel expenses. You may find that it is less expensive to have your product tested at an approved Notified Body based in your local area. In this case, you could cut down the CE certification cost by £300 to £1,000.
  • Production Costs: You must also take into account the additional CE certification cost that arises from changes to production processes if they don’t comply with European requirements. Updating your quality management system and product manuals may be necessary and can greatly reduce the CE certification cost.
  • CE Certification Application Fees: Once you’re satisfied that your product meets all necessary requirements, you’ll need to submit a CE certification application to the relevant conformity assessment body (known as a Notified Body). This type of CE certification cost for a product is usually around £500.

How to Reduce CE Certification Cost

If you want to reduce the overall CE certification cost, there are many things you can do:

  • Consider the conformity assessment route: Not all products need to be CE certified and some might benefit from a self-declaration route. This means that the manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that their products meet all relevant safety requirements. Those who don’t need to be CE marked can benefit from a lower CE certification cost.
  • Consider the destination market: Where you plan to sell your product will affect its price. If you’re selling into high-risk markets such as Australia and Canada, then the CE certification cost is likely to be higher. This is because the Australian and Canadian authorities have their own rules for CE certification, so they need additional information about your product in order to assess it.
  • Designing with conformity in mind: When designing electrical products, it may be necessary to redesign your production process or include extra features, particularly if you are producing a product that can be used safely by children or has other important safety implications. Your design should conform to the relevant European and national standards, as well as other CE certification requirements imposed by trading partners. This will help to ensure that your product is safe and also reduces the chances of you having to make changes during the conformity assessment process that will increase the CE certification cost.

The Benefits of CE Certification

Getting your product CE certified can help you win new business contracts by demonstrating to potential customers that they are safe to use. It can also help you develop your brand and show your commitment to quality and safety, as the CE label ensures that it is legal for European markets.

It’s important to note that if your company manufactures goods for an international market, then they must all be CE certified. If products don’t have a CE mark attached then this could jeopardize your business and all future contracts.

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