IATF 16949:2016 Internal Auditor Training

IAS (Integrated Assessment Services) is the most-recognized ISO training body in Spain, famous for conducting lead auditor training, internal auditor training as well as awareness and foundation training courses on numerous ISO management system standards including ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 45001, 22000, 22301, etc.

Now, IAS also offers IATF 16949 internal auditor training online associated with its sister concern EAS (Empowering Assurance System).

Other than Spain, IAS also provides IATF 16949 internal auditor training in various European countries including such as Italy, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, etc. IAS has its branches in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and has numerous representatives across all around the world including Thailand, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

Course objectives:

IATF 16949 internal auditor training promotes the knowledge and skills of delegates to initiate an IATF 16949 internal audit in compliance with ISO 19011.

This training course helps the delegates to understand the basic requirements of IATF 16949:2016 and as well as the key concepts of the automotive quality management system.

Moreover, the IATF 16949 internal auditor training guides the participants to meet the requirements of a successful IATF 16949 lead auditor.

Course duration:

The duration of the IATF 16949 internal auditor course is 2 days (16 hours).

The online IATF 16949 internal auditor training program is also a 2 days program. But the delegates can access the course and take the written examination any time within 30 days from the date of registration.

Importance of IATF 16949 internal auditor training

  • Enhances the auditing knowledge and skills to perform an IATF 16949 internal audit
  • Helps the delegates to plan, conduct as well as manage the quality management system audit
  • Also, boosts the skills to take internal audit reports and to provide corrective actions for the implementation of the management system

Professional experts for practical knowledge

Our tutors/lecturers are real-time auditors who have the best experience in auditing and training. They will certainly train the delegates to understand every requirement of the standard thoroughly with a better understanding. Further, our auditors also provide practical examples to transform the candidates into a competent IATF 16949 internal auditor.

What does the IATF 16949 internal auditor course cover?

  • Introduction to IATF 16949
  • Overview of IATF 16949:2016 and its clauses
  • Basic principles of the quality management system
  • Definition of audit and as well as its types
  • Planning, preparation, and reporting of an audit
  • Corrective actions
  • Also includes internal audit follow-up procedure

Our IATF 16949 internal auditor training program also includes:

  • Group discussion
  • Mock tests
  • Sample audit scenarios and
  • Presentation
  • Also, exercises and frequent assessments

What does investment cover?

  • Course material
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Especially, on the successful completion, IRCA accredited IATF 16949 internal auditor certificate

Prior knowledge

To participate in this IATF 16949 internal auditor training, the delegates should have the basic knowledge of:

  • What is IATF 16949
  • Also, the importance of QMS

Who should take the IATF 16949 internal auditor course?

The IATF 16949 internal auditor training is important for anyone who wishes to be part of an automotive quality management system. But this training is important for:

  • Quality managers of automobile industries
  • QMS consultants
  • Also, for the management representatives


IAS issues IRCA certified IATF 16949 internal auditor certificate to the delegates who pass the written examination. We also provide a participation certificate for all who attended the training program and took the examination. The delegates who completed the course online will receive a soft copy of the course completion certificate. This will be sent to their registered mail address.

Want to know more about our IATF 16949 internal auditor training program? Kindly contact us!