CE Marking Certification

What is CE Marking and why is it important?

CE mark, a symbol which affixes the product or in packages that it complies with relevant EU legislation. CE marking gives companies get easier access into the European market to sell their products that are safe, healthy, quality, and environmentally protected.

It is compulsory for the company’s product should affix with CE Marking, for exporting or importing into the European Economic Area (EEA) however not required outside of EEA.

Not all products require CE mark, only the products within the scope of a European Directive want CE marking.  CE Marking is a must to promote your product in the European business market. It enhances credibility, marketability as well as the profitability of your business.

Benefits of CE Marking certification in business:

  • Products can easily move into the European Market without restrictions
  • Global reach to your business
  • Increased customer acquisition
  • Increases profit
  • Also, promotes the brand image

IAS – the top-searching ISO certification body in Germany

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is a leading globally recognized CE Marking Certification Body operating in Germany and other major EU countries, which is accredited by Universal Quality Accreditation Services (UQAS). IAS is predominant in auditing the client companies for their business growth and development since 2006.

IAS is incorporated in 7 major countries and operating its associates in 14 more countries under the guidance of IAS-INDIA.

We offer CE Marking Certification throughout the EU countries with the help of qualified auditors and technical expertise. We also act as a consultant for the organizations to implement ISO certification procedures to successfully get certified.

IAS also offers ISO management system certifications against ISO 14001, 27001, 9001, 22301, 22000, etc. Furthermore, we provide product certifications such as CE Marking, GOST-R, Green, GOST-R, Kosher, Halal, BRC, cGMP, etc.

Prerequisites for organizations:

  • Identify the Directive(s) and any harmonized standard that is applicable to your product.
  • Maintain Technical Documentation required by the Directive(s) such as procedures, test report, performance report, etc.,

What are the procedures to achieve CE Marking Certification?

  • At first, Make an Enquiry in our website or contact us by telephone based on your country/region.
  • Download and fill the application form and email info@iasiso.com.
  • After reviewing your application, the certification audit process will begin.
  • IAS will come out with the audit plan based on the scope submitted by your organization to conduct audits.
  • After the completion of the audit, IAS will provide audit reports with a deviation report (if any).
  • After successfully implementing the non-conformities, IAS will issue the CE Marking certificate.

Further, to know more details regarding HACCP Certification and also about our audit procedure, feel free to contact us: info@iasiso.com.